Fluorocarbon fishing line

The most and the best rigs are made of fluorocarbon. Of course, it is possible to use fluorocarbon as a main line, however it is popular and suitable as an rig or leader. The main feature is visibility, a fluorocarbon rig is barely visible to fish. A fluorcarbon rig for pike, zander and trout will definitely catch more fish. These fishes have very good eyes and are catious, so the line has to be almost invisible.
Other advantages compared to braided line or nylon fishing line are high density so that the line will sink, it has less memory which keeps it flexible and is not sensitive to UV light, which means it lasts longer.

Of course, fluorocarbon line also has disadvantages, the most important of which is the lower tensile force. It is much less strong than nylon, let alone braided line.
This often causes a thick diameter. The thick diameter makes it more resistant to casting and into the water. This makes it less fine as the main line.

Do you want to buy fluorocarbon line? Then it may be that it is a little more expensive than other lines, but as a benefit it lasts longer. You also need fluorocarbon less meters so you can use a spool a lot.
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