Coarse & match fishing tackle

Coarse & match fishing tackle

Whitefish in the Netherlands means all light colored carp. This group occurs in large numbers in our waters. White roach, tench, bream, bream, greyish, kolblei and chub are the species most commonly fished by whitefish fishermen.  Whitefishing is relatively simple and is practiced by the largest group of anglers. Below we briefly take a closer look at the three most commonly used whitefishing techniques.

Fishing with the fixed rod

The fixed rod, also known as the fixed stick, is the most commonly used rod among white anglers. They are both plug-in/transverse and telescopic. Harnesses are placed on these rods. This is a ready-to-use combination of nylon, float, lead and hook. The fixed rod is the basis of every angler, but also here the developments have not stood still. Nowadays you have fixed rods of more than 14 meters that are light and tight. Competition fishing is largely responsible for this development. In this branch of white fishing, the rods need to be longer, lighter and tighter to be successful.  Also the comfort and of course the functionality of the material had to be improved. Seat boxes and platforms have been improved and in combination with large fishing umbrellas you can create a perfect fishing location. Trolleys to transport it all are almost indispensable for the avid whitefisherman. As a relaxed white angler you can also use rod supports and practical bags and suitcases to transport your floats and harnesses. Also from the competition fishing functional and fish friendly pans and living nets have emerged, which are also very suitable for the average whitefish angler. To be successful as a white fisherman, it is essential to create a feeding area. All feeding requirements can also be found in our webshop. What you need now is a hook cutter, a gauge lead and a good spot and of course don't forget your fishing pass and/or permit.


The second most popular way to get your money's worth as a whitefisherman is feeder fishing. With this technique you can seduce the white fish species from a great distance. The feeder rod is again a long throwing rod with this time a fine supple top.  With this technique the bite is registered and we don't use a float. You have feeder rods in three classes: light, medium and heavy. There is also the so-called winkle picker with which you can fish at a short distance. It is actually an ultra light feeder rod. You adapt the mill to the rod. Mills from the 2500 series for the light work and the 4000 series or a freewheel mill for the heavy feeder rod. Often these rods have several buds at their disposal. For close fishing or standing water you can use a smoother top than for example on running water. The lead weight consists of a feed basket weighted with lead. The weight depends on the situation. These feed baskets vary from 15 to 100 grams. Because of the feed basket you always have the lure feed in the right place. Building up a feeding spot is essential for feeding fish. A few casts with a filled feeding basket, in order to empty it at the spot with a few jerks, is highly desirable.  After ejection you place the rod in the rod support or a special feeder support. Put the fishing line under tension, so that the tip is slightly crooked. The rod should always be at an angle to the shore to see the bites. Concentration on the top is very important, which is why special feeder arms with a feeder support have been developed for this purpose. This allows you to lay the rod exactly at the right angle in every situation. Because the feeder top is prone to breakage when the fish gets close to the shore, a scoop net or pan net is a must. The feeding utensils are generally the same as with the other whitefishing techniques. Because you have to transport and store various fish gear when feeding, seat boxes, platforms and trolleys are no superfluous luxury. Also have a look at the section parent eels & rod tubes, to transport the vulnerable rods in a safe and orderly way.

Match fishing

Apart from fishing with a float with a fixed rod, this can also be done with a fishing rod. Such a rod for fishing with the float is called the match rod for whitefishing. You fish for the same species and also use the float for bite registration. Furthermore, the feeding requirements are the same as the bait to be used. The big difference is in the rod. The match rod is a kind of long throwing rod, equipped with a windmill. Use a mill that is not too heavy, we recommend a mill from the 1500 to 300 series. The use of the matchrod, with extra thin fishing lines, also makes it possible to scoop large fish. If you are going fishing with the matchrod, for which the rod is very suitable, it is advisable to have a pannet or scoop net with you. Sometimes you have to scoop a fish over water plants or you are standing in the water.

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