Big pit reels for feeder fishing

In the early days just the carp fisherman where enthusiastic about big reels. But nowadays the big pit reel is becoming populair with feeder fisherman because of the casting characteristics of the big pit reels.
They fit perfectly under a heavy or extra heavy feeder rod so you can cast long distances. The big pit reel characterises itself by the extra large spool, so the line capacity is much bigger. Due to the height of the big spool the line flies of easily with every cast. They offer the best casting characteristics of all coarse reels. Of course it also offers a confidend feeling when you hook a big fish, you don't have to worry about having enough line.
Most of the big pit reels have one drag on the top, but some also have a freerunner system. You would think this will be the best feeder reel because of the large line capacity and a possible freerunner system. But keep in mind that a big pit reel is mucher heavier than an averig feeder spinning reel. That is why it just suitable for heavy and extra heavy feeder rods. Even for light feeder rods the big pit reel is to heavy, so the combination rod-reel is not in balance. Next to that a big pit reel is on averige more expensive than in comparison with coarse reels.

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Tip: Do you want to buy the best big pit reel for feeder fishing? We advice you to buy a Shimano or Daiwa big pit reel. These reels are really unbreakable and the best in the business.

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