Spinning reels for predator fishing

Choosing the right spinning reel is essential having fun in fishing ánd catching fish. Not only does it have to suit your style of fishing, it also has to fit with your fishing rod. Of course you can look at the appearance, but it is mainly about the inside of the spinning reel. The quality of the inside is determined by the use of special metals or plastic and the number of bearings. A plastic model with a 1 ball bearing is not a bad reel, these spinning reels are very suitable to start with or if you only fish a few times a year.

First a choice must be made between a spinning reel and a baitcasting reel. A baitcasting reel is only suitable for rods specially designed for this, such as a jerkbait or baitcaster rod. These rods are equipped with a trigger grip. Fishing with a reel is especially useful for accurate casting and use of relatively heavy lures.

For the predator fish, two types of spinning reels are used, they are named front drag and rear drag models. Sometimes freerunner reels are also used for the dead bait fishing.

What is the best spinning reel for you?
To determine the best spinning reel for you, you have to look at the size, line capacity, ratio, quality and number of bearings and any additional options.
The size of the spinning reel is often expressed in numbers from 500 till 6000. Of which size 500 is the smallest spininng reel and suitable for perch or trout fishing and the large reels like 5000 or 6000 models are suitable for pike and sea bass fishing. 
The line capacity mainly depends on the size and the depth of the spool (and therefore the reel).
Often the line capacity is more than enough for predator fishing, because you often fish on relatively short distances.
The gear ratio of a spinning reel presents the ratio between the amount of rotations of the gear. 
The higher the ratio, the faster the reel spins. Next to that, also the diameter of the spool is important. The more undeep the spool is, the faster it reels in the line. Often the gear ration equals the size of the spinning reel, but if it is really important for you, some spinning reels can just make the difference.
The number of ball bearings of a spinning reel are important, because more ball bearings will make the spinning reel rotate easier. But please be aware, because these days many spinning reels from China consist of many ball bearings, but the reels are certainly not of high quality. Because the quality of the ball bearings are at least as important as the quantity. The quality of the ball bearings is often processed in the price, because high quality ball bearings cost a lot more money.
The quality of a spinning reel is therefore determined by the in ánd outside. A brand stands for a certain quality. But you can also recognise it yourself. A plastic housing means a low quality reel but also a low price. The better spinning reels are made of aluminium or have for example stainless steel ball bearings. Want to be certain to buy a high quality spinning reel? Then we always advice you to buy a Shimano spinning reel. From the cheapest model till the most expensive one, they all guarantee high quality. You can also see this in the large amount of old Shimano (spinning) reels which are still very wanted and used a lot. The price of a second hand shimano spinning reel therefore stays high. An adantage of this, is that it eventually will be a cheap reel, because it keeps it worth and has low maintenance.

Vintage spinning reels
Next to all the modern spinning reels we also have a special category spinning reels, namely vintage spinning reels. These spinning reels can not be put between the modern spinning reels. Therefore in this category you will find all kinds of models, but all the spinning reels are characterised by the age. These spinning reels are all 20 years or older and will not fit with a regular spinning reel. These vintage spinning reels have to be combined with a vintage spinning rod of course. 

Spare spools
It is also useful to have one or more spare spools for a spinning reel, so you can quickly change to a different type of line such as a braided line or nylon fishing line or just a different diameter.

If you still have questions about the condition or about other aspects, please be free to contact us.

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