Rod pod's, banksticks, buzzer bars & rod holders

On this page you will find all our new & second hand rod pod's, banksticks and accesories. All made for carp fishing, but also suitable for other ways of fishing.
Rod pod's and banksticks are often made of stainless steel or aluminium. The advantage of stainless steel is the long durability and it is very solid, but heavy. Aluminium is lighter in weight and often cheaper, but can rust. Aluminium with a coating is therefore a perfect solution against rust.
With accesories for rod pod's & banksticks we mean products like storage bags and spare parts.
If you are looking for a buzzer bar or rod support, you may like this page: Buzzer bars & rod rests

Most of our used / second hand rod pod's, banksticks & accesories are in very good condition and sometimes you will not notice if it is used at all. The condition of the rod pod or bankstick is descripted as precise as possible. If you still have questions about the condition or something, please contact us!

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