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If you want to go night fishing, it is wise to have a place that keeps you dry and out of the wind. A good carp dome is therefore essential! All kinds of terms are used as dome, tent or bivvy, but they all have the same function. A carp dome is really different from ovals or umbrellas, because a tent can be completely closed, without using a overwrap.

But what is the best carp dome for you?
You first have to ask yourself whether you want to sleep with 1 or 2 people. If you want a 2 person tent, do not just look at the dimensions, but also read carefully whether it is really a 2 person tent, often indicated by the term "2 man". Because 2 bedchairs must fit in and you can't understand that from reading the dimensions.
But more important is whether you have a fixed or detachablee groundsheet. This is due to condensation in the tent through the groundsheet, but also because you can not use a groundsheet at every carp water.
Nowadays all tents can be set up easily and quickly by a simple click system and they often consist of 2 or 3 aluminum ribs, so you hardly have to take this into account.
In addition, small details such as the door type can provide extra comfort and luxury.
You can sometimes extend a tent with an overwrap, this is an extra canvas that goes over the tent so it provides extra protection against cold and rain. This is especially useful in the winter.
The better tents, and often more expensive tents, are from brands like Fox, Nash and Trakker. Other good tents that are more affordable are from brands like JRC, Prologic and Ultimate.

Tip: Do you want to pay less for the quality of the best tent? Then buy a second-hand carp dome!

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