Crankbait & swimbait lures

Plugs are probably the most known and used by all lures. You can use them for all kinds of predatory fish such as pike, zander, perch and asp, but also think of the lesser-known species such as sea bass, chub, trout and salmon. Plugs are optically distinguished from the lip on the front of the lure. Plugs will create a movement when overtaking your spinning rod, inte contrast to jerkbaits. Between plugs we distinguish 4 types namely; Floating plugs, sinking plugs, surface plugs and swimbaits.
Floating plugs, as the name says, will continue to float when they hit the water and will not dive, only when you pass the plug. Also, the plug will go back to the surface when you stop catching. The advantage is that you have more influence on the height at which the plug should swim.
The sinking plugs will always sink slowly, so you can fish with these plugs closer to the bottom. These plugs are often heavier and therefore easier to throw and beyond.
Surface plugs, also called poppers, are plugs that do not have a diving lip and will continue to float. It is a plug which is mainly used in spring and summer. Often creates a popper with special lip for bubbles and sound, which is particularly attractive for the predator. 
The swimbait looks really different from the other plugs. A swimbait often consists of several parts, which together provide a swimming movement of the lure. Swimbaits are often larger than the known jointed plugs and are often heavier.
In addition to the above features between all the plugs, a plug may also have, for example, a rattle, an extra drag or a combination of, for example, a spinner or softbait.
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