Braided fishing lines

Braided line is getting very populair, not just for predator anglers but also for the feeder anglers. A braided line is not very suitable for fishing with a pole or match rod.
The braided line is literaly braided by multi (dyneema) fibers. It has 2 main characters, namely it makes it very strong and has no stretch.
A braided line also has a much higher strength compared to monofilament lines of the same diameter, this way you can use a low diameter / thinner line. Doesn't has it any disadvanages? Yes of course, sometimes you need stretch and also a braided line is not very abrasion resistant.

Like mentoined earlier, the braid line is used mainly by feeder anglers. Because for feeder fishing you often fish on long distances and you want to notice every little nibble on your feeder or picker tip. Even when the small fish nibble very carefully, you even notice these. Because you can use much thinner lines for braided lines it makes it suitable to use it on rivers and other waters with a current.

Please pay attention to the guides of your feeder rod, not every rod consists of the right guides to handle the braided line. SIC guides are required. Because the average feeder reel has a large line capacity, filling it with braided line will make it more expensive then a monofilament line. Luckily, a braided line is more sustainable so you can enjoy it longer. 
The diameter of braided line on your feeder reel should be about 0.10 to 0.14mm.

Attention: the braided line can be very sharp when the tension on the line is high, which can cut the fish or your fingers.
Never used a braided line? Try it, then you will know why it is so populair.

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