Spod & marker rods

Spod and marker rods are specially made for supporting the other carp rods. A spod rod is made for casting a spod filled with bait or boilies. They often have a length of 3.60 M / 12 feet and a test curve of 4.5 till 5.5 LB. The spod rod can be used in situations when you don't have a bait boat or when a bait boat is not allowed on the water and when the fishing spot can not be reached by hand like with a sling shot or bait spoon.

The marker rod is specially made for using a marker kit. With a marker you can measure the depth or investigate the bottom of a fishing water. Often the rod has marks which makes it easier to measure the lengths and depths. Do you want to map the bottom of a water and you don't have a fish finder or are unknown with a carp water, than the marker rod is necessary. The marker rod is often, just like other carp rods, 3.60 M / 12 feet long, so it can also be easily transported in a holdall.

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