The best leadcore & snag leaders

A leader is a line between the main line and the carp rig. The leader is specially made for protecting the main line against mussel beds or obstacles under water. This line is therefore extra strong and abrasion resistant. The length of a leader is often between 100 and 150 cm. A leader is available in different types and materials. That is why there are also different names for them.

One of the best known variants is the leadcore. Often a braided line with a lead base. This ensures that the line sinks and stays on the bottom. Because of the lead core the leader will sink very well and everything will stay neatly on the bottom. Leadcore is available both ready-made with rig material, but also in spools so you can determine the length yourself. Making the leader yourself is of course a lot cheaper, but making a leadcore leader is not easy because they are difficult to tie. Often the leadcore has a camouflage colour so that it does not stand out on the bottom.

Snag leader
A snag leader is often a leader made of fluorocarbon or monofilament (nylon). They are very flexible and abrasion resistant. The advantage of this leader is that they are almost invisible under water and are therefore very suitable if the line does not have to sink. Because this line is much smoother, they are also easier to tie with a leader knot. Snag leaders are often available in spools so you can determine the desired length yourself, partly because they are so easy to tie.

Nowadays, a lot of different types of leaders are used, partly because of the advantages mentioned above. But do not think that it is necessary. Remember that the more options there are, the more things can go wrong. A knot, damage or wrong attachment can quickly cause problems. You fish on water with, for example, few obstacles and / or non-shy fish, then a leader is certainly not necessary.

We therefore recommend the use of a leader, but not always!

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