Swingers, bite indicators & accessories

When you are static fishing for carp you use bite alarms with swingers or hangers. The hangers often also called bobbins. The bite alarm makes loud noise so you know what is happening on the other side of your line.
As an addition to bite alarms you can use a swinger or bobbin. A swinger or bobbin can be used as a extra weight on your fishing line in front of your bite alarm. When the fish is swimming towards you the swinger or bobbin will drop so you still get a good bite indication. When you don't use this, the bite indication will be a lot less. 
One of the best swinger are from Fox and for the hangers these are from Solar. These brands, just like many others, often also have all kinds of accesories for them. For example, you can change the head for a different colour or replace the chain of the hanger.

Tip: when you are fishing on short distances, use a lightweight swinger or bobbin. When you are fishing on a long distance use a heavy weight swinger of bobbin or one which you put extra weight on.

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