Big pit reels

When you have to cast a long distance with a large piece of lead, the big pit reel does the job for you. The big pit reel has a large spool with a lot of line capacity. Due to the big spool the line flies of easily.
Most of the big pit reels have one drag on the top, but some also have a freerunner system. You would think this will be the best carp reel because of the large line capacity and a possible freerunner system. But keep in mind that a big pit reel is mucher heavier than a normal freerunner reel.

Especially carp fisherman are enthusiastic about big pit reels. This is due to the convenience of of casting long distances. Due to the large line capacity the reel stores a lot of line whitch gives convidence while playing a big carp. 
Big pit carp reels are used for the regular carp rods but are also very populair in combination with a spod rod. Casting a filled spod for a long distances demands easy casting, which a big pit reel does best.

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