PVA for carp fishing

PVA is a solvent that dissolves when it comes into contact with water. While carp fishing is it mainly used as an additional means some food to get close to the hook bait. Because it dissolves in water it is important that the bait is not or barely wet. There are several PVA models.

You can use PVA mesh, this is a kind of net in which you can put bait in and close it, so you can mount it to the hook. The PVA dissolves on the bottom, so you always have some bait close to your hook. Often you put it in a sleeve and you can press it with a stamper.
By using a PVA string you string your boilies to a wire and mount it to your hook for the same effect as with PVA mesh.

You also have PVA foam. This is used when there is a lot of rubbish or vegetation on the bottom. The foam keeps your rig the first minute up when it can land quietly on top of the vegetation. A second advantage is that your hook will not get stuck in dirt or vegetation.

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